• Nur-Sultan, Dinmuhamed Kunaev Street 4




Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)
  • 18-19 October 2019
  • Nur-Sultan, Dinmuhamed Kunaev Street 4

What is Kaz‘Hack’Stan?

The annual practical conference “Kaz’Hack’Stan” is a platform for discussion of topical issues of information security together with IS researchers, IT-developers, representatives of vendors, representatives of the state regulator and students.

“Kaz’Hack’Stan-3” will be held in Astana, where the conference program will be divided into 2 days:
October 18 – Profit Government Day. Held jointly with Profit Events. Speakers’ reports and master classes for specialists of government agencies and the corporate sector. On the same day, the Cyberpolygon contest will be launched for those wishing to try their hand at nuclear power plants.
October 19 – Hack Day. The day is dedicated to practical issues and workshops.


This year’s KazHackStan / Government Day conference consists of two days, and the target audience, both in terms of guests and reports, is purposefully segmented to attract and accommodate the largest number of most interested guests.

In this regard:

Who we expect at the registration on the first day:

– representatives of the authorities and public servants;
– quasi-sector employees, representatives of national companies;
– employees of relevant ministries and agencies, employees of special security agencies;
– business representatives (finance, administrative staff, IT/IS services, general security departments and automated control systems);
– representatives of IT companies (IT/IS services);

We will also be glad to host students of specialized universities and departments (IT, IS) not younger than 4 courses (not more than 3 people from the course), and teachers of these universities (not more than 3 people from the university).

Please understand our request from the representatives of the universities of confirming documents.

For commercial representatives of IT/IB companies (vendors, partners, distributors, integrators) the entrance is paid, details here khs@profit.kz

Who are we expecting at the registration on the second day?

– Hackers, engineers, programmers, sysadmins, security specialists, researchers;
– representatives of universities (without restrictions);
– All interested members of the IT community – any IT/IB related guests, representatives of offensive/defensive directions.

If you have any questions, please contact the organizing committee of the conference khs@profit.kz

Registration on CYBERPOLYGON and workshops

Kaz’Hack’Stan sections

Cyber Polygon2025. In Kazakhstan, on the shore of Lake Balkhash, a nuclear power plant has been built and is operating. The security of the region is at risk. The main question is whether the hackers will be able to arrange a catastrophe? P.S. to participate it is necessary to have own laptop.
Lockpick VillageLocks, opening of mechanical locks and police handcuffs. Will you be able to get into the room in a limited time? Come to Lockpick Village, learn and test your skills and hidden talents.
Social Engineering VillageEverybody has secrets. People live their normal lives, go to work, make friends. How well do you know about people? How do you quickly and effectively make people share their secrets?

Retrogames VillageGuests and participants of the conference will have the opportunity to travel back in time, with the help of the atmosphere created by the game consoles of the 80-90s.

The Rules
Maximum practice and minimum advertising.

Strategic partners
Technical partner

Information support

We are looking forward to the support and sponsorship of like-minded people.

If you would like to become a sponsor, please click on the “Become a sponsor” button and fill out the form.

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Programme for the second day of the conference (October 19).
You can find the program of the first day (October 18) on the website https://profitday.kz/government


How secretly employees have become the most dangerous hackers for the company

Operation of injections in ORM libraries

Atomic Threat Coverage: operationalized ATT&CK

A Special Class of Stream Cipher Backdooring Techniques

Introduction Android App Exploitation & Reverse Engineering

Modern iOS App Exploitation

Infecting files on-the-fly (OTF)

History of one Apple patch

Doing the IOT Penetration Testing – The right Way! A few secrets that nobody tells you about IoT penetration testing

Modern targeted attacks in CA: capabilities and tools of a group

Information Warfare Special Forces

Attack – the best protection

Please send all questions and suggestions
to the next contacts:

E-mail: khs@profit.kz
Phone: +7 7172 478413
Telegram: @HRTSARKA
Address for correspondence:
010000, Republic of Kazakhstan,
Nur-Sultan, Mangilik Yel Ave. 19/2, 93